The most complete platform for digital events

Campus Party is the biggest event in the world focused on creativity and innovation created for under thirties.

Our platform is the best in the world to manage big digital events or multi country/multi website simultaneous digital events.

The platform brings in an enhanced digital form all the tools that campus party traditionally offers to companies and event attendees community in order to improve networking, matching opportunities sharing, ideas generation, innovation and much more.

The platform is modular, and enables each partner to activate for each hosted digital event a unique and custom set of features in order to match at best its expectations and the ones of the sponsors.

The platform effectiveness for users is granted by a powerful back office for partner to manage at best the configuration, delivery and monitoring of the sections and functionalities offered.




It's the website available to the public. It includes multiple areas:

  • Global HUB: where you can see at ones the number that the event is performing all over the world at once.
  • Country Website: it's the website where the users can access to the contents, agenda and community.
  • Registration: the platform give the possibility to create a well profiled worldwide community with ease. In fact, the user will have to register in order to access to the contents and can share his/her preferences in order to optimise the experience.
  • Streams: it's the main area of Campus Party Digital Edition where stages become digital, interactive and participative. This section includes a full live streaming interface as well as an on demand section where contents can be saved and re-watched by users. This area also contains a dynamic module updated in real time that shows the most viewed video for each stage and a very powerful multi filter/multi choice search engine to find out the favourite recordings.
  • Agenda: where users can find the complete line-up of the event and mark as favourites the ones they are more interested in creating their own agenda for the event.
  • Job Factory: it's an area where companies can publish job or internship vacancies, collect and screen applications and conduct online recruitment interview with pre-selected candidates.
  • Exhibition: this area transforms the physical sponsor companies’ booths in an interactive digital experience which allows users and firms to meet and connect.
  • Feed: it's the area where you can collect feedback from the users on any topic.
  • Networking: this section allows users to interact and build a community. They can create their own discussion groups, they can connect, invite people to join their project and exchange opinions before, during and after the event.


Meant for administrative use only. It includes multiple areas as well:

  • Team Area: this area makes it possible for the administrator to manage staff accounts and their roles and privileges.
  • Attendees: area designed to manage all the digital events attendees. Here it's possible to find out all the data and the main information on their interaction with the platform.
  • Speakers: this area allows the administrator to manage the event's speakers by adding all their information to the agenda and to the speakers' page on the public website.
  • Events: in this area the administrator can create and manage one or more digital event web sites and its various editions
  • Editions: in this area it's possible to create and manage the virtual stages and the activities (speeches, workshops, challenges). Moreover in this area the administrator can create campaigns in order to drive users to the landing pages where they can register for the event.
  • Tickets: this is where tickets, packages and coupons can easily be created and managed.


The digital platform is designed to offer the partner the possibility to give maximum visibility to sponsors. For this reason, in the Back Office and consequently in the public Web Site, the logos of the Sponsors can be organized in groups and each group can be associated to different levels of visibility in relation to the different levels of paid sponsorships. A campaign tool is also available inside this feature which can help sponsors to segment their target audience and to create ad hoc campaigns.


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